#4 Week (Ana Oliveira)

PUC San Joaquin (23/April/2018)

On the first day of this week, on PUC, we started by a class with Pablo and Leo about how to make an elevator speech, using some key topics like Hook, Needs, Approach, Benefits, Competition and Close. We will be able to use this information to make the elevator speech about our project.

After this class, all the groups went to the dome to have a personal coaching with Connie. We told her about our work until that moment, what we had and what we planned to do in the near future.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-07 at 00.55.46


IF Blanco Recoleta, Aguas Lab Space (24/April/2018)

In the next day, Tuesday, the group 2 prepared a breakfast in IF Blanco Recoleta, Aguas Lab Space. They also prepared an activity that showed us how we all are connected, by doing some interviews to each other.

We also had a different activity with Andrea, that consisted in telling our team mates some feedback about themselves.


During the afternoon, we went to domo to plan the workshops with Legos, interviews and the visit to MIM-Museo Interactivo Mirador.


MIM – Museo Interactivo Mirador (25/April/2018)

On Wednesday, we went to MIM museum with three elders and three mediators, with the intention of observing how they interact with each other and with the different activities of the museum.


In the afternoon, we had a class with Connie in PUC San Joaquin, where we saw some presentations about the personas created, the interviews, their opportunity and possible solutions.

After the class, we had a small reunion to discuss what we find with the MIM museum activity.



Domo and Casa Los Andes (23/April/2018)

The next day we meet in the Domo to work in the project and Andrea gave us some feedback.

In the afternoon, me with Jose Tomas, Levi and Luciano went to Caja Los Andes, where we did some interviews and observations to the elders. Here we noticed that the elders were very independents, fans of technology and they have active lifes.



It was an interesting week, with more challenges and work. Lets keep going team!



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