#4 Week (Levi)

#23 de Abril de 2018

  • PUC San Joaquin: In this class the TAs taught us about elevator speech. We watched a video that showed a good way to present/sell and ideal to the audience. The video had the contextualization of the problem, motivation, and what  the producer need in order to make the idea possible.
  • Dome
    •  We planned what to do for the next steps. And also our group received feedback of professor Constanza.
    • Focused research field steps were defined (Figure 1).
WhatsApp Image 2018-05-05 at 20.43.27
Figure 1: Jesus presenting focused research field scheme.

#24 de Abril de 2018

  • IF Blanco:
    • In this day we had breakfast organized by the Team 2. We used this morning to interact and know more of each one of us. And then we saw that we are in some way connected to each other (See figure 2).
    • Feedback session:  Everyone present receive positive and critiques feedbacks from the member of their groups.
WhatsApp Image 2018-05-05 at 20.32.13
Figure 2: Steps for the feedback were presented.
  • Dome:
    • Planning of workshops with Legos and little bits;
    • Planning of interviews;
    • Planning  visit to  the MIM-Museo Interactivo Mirador.


#25 de Abril de 2018

  • MiM visit: Our group went to the MiM with elderlies and intermediators (people that teach them or answer their questions e. g. sons, relatives, friends, etc)
  • PUC San Joaquin:  In this class we saw  how to create personas, how to present the  data of the interviews, their opportunity and possible solutions.
  • Post meeting: After Dilab we had a meeting to discuss possible findings of the MiM visit (See figure 3).
WhatsApp Image 2018-05-05 at 20.51.04
Figure 3: Meet after Dilab.


#26 de Abril de 2018

  • Dome:
    • Worked on the project;
    • Defining possible solutions;
    • Received direct feedback of Andrea;
  • Casa Los Andes:
    • In order to raise more data to personas definition Small interviews took place at Casa Los Andes;

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