#4 Week (Natália Martins)

This week started with a meeting on Monday – April 23th – morning to review our data analysis and to define the next steps that should be done for the project. We design the schedule for the week and we’ve started to work on the new interview forms that should be used in the workshops defined in the last week.

During the afternoon, we went to Constanza’s class and had a class with Leo and Pablo about elevator speech – where we watched a video and need to replicate the learning of the class. After it, we went to the DOMO to have a conversation with Constanza and show her our advances during the pass 3 weeks.

In the end of the class, our team keep working on the new forms and defined the protocol for the MIM and LEGOS workshops that should be done in the Wednesday.

On Tuesday – April 24th – we had an awsome breakfast at IF Recoleta with Team 2 and after it we did some activities with our Team, to talk about what was working well and what was not working – in the team and individual point of view.

In the end of the class, our team returned to the DOMO to finish the preparation for the MIM workshop and also to discuss about the selected opportunity. We also defined the pro and cons of this opportunity.

On Wednesday – Aprol 25th – we had a meeting at MIM to do the workshop. There, we meet other 3 eldiers and 3 mediators – 1 young and 1 adult – that would help us in the field research. Our propouse in the museum was see the relations between the eldiers and the mediators, and also with the environment. It was an awsome experience watching them playing there and discovering new things that they never saw before.

MIM #1

In the afternoon, we had a class with Constanza where we watched our classmates presentations about theirs personas and the possibles solutions to theirs projects.

After that, we went to the DOMO again to analyse the information that we got in the MIM workshop.

On Thursday – April 26th – we did not have class, however we went to the DOMO anyway to work in some data analyses and literature review. This day we had a conversation with Andrea to show our advances and she suggest us to went to Caja los Andes, a place where we could find some more active elders, that probably would fit better with the people that we were looking for.

In the afternoon, part of the group went to Caja los Andes to observe the elders there and to search if there would be a good place to make our LEGO workshop.

I can say that it was one of my favorites weeks here, as the workshop that we have done teach much more about what we want to generate with out challenge. I am sure that the next week will be as nice as this one.

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