#5 Week (Luciano)


May 2th, 2018

  • This week we focused on the Grand Deliverable 2.
  • We kept up with the literature review.
  • And started working on analysis of the focused research field.
  • In addition we define a few personas.


May 3th, 2018

  • DuoC DDF San Joaquin:  We had all the morning to finish the last details of the presentation of the GD2.
  • After presentation  we received a lot of feedback and  critiques.
  • Specifically about the definition of out main opportunity.
  • The opportunity itself seemed like a solution.

Data Analysis presented was based on the data gathered through interviews and field observation :



May 4th, 2018

  • Fundación Las Rosas: We interviewed two groups of elders (male and female). In this interviews we did workshops with legos.
    • Male Group:
      • The elders (three) were very open to play with Lego.
        • First Stage: Lego without instructions
          They were very patient, and tried to build what came in theirs minds without guidance.  One built a car, other one built a water machine, and the other wasn’t able to build.
          In this stage they didn’t interact with each other for asking help or orientation.
        • 20180504_14212520180504_140256
        • Second Stage: Lego with instructions
          The results of this stage was surprisingly good. They interact with each other, and they listened to the one that seems to understand more.
          They really enjoyed the manual with the instructions. And agreed that this type of activity is really a good entertainment. They built perfectly what they were supposed to build.
          It’s important to mention here that only one of the presented most difficulty in building and interacting with others.


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