#6 Week (Paola Cortez)

As usual, our group met at 9 am in the dome to plan the group’s pending tasks and to divide and move forward better with our activities.

  • We define new “Personas” who are linked to our main “Personas”. They are our “Mediators”:
Artboard 4
#4 Persona: “Imark Page”


Artboard 5
#5 Persona: “Professor Xavier”


Artboard 6
#6 Persona: “Carolearner”
  • We plan and define the activities that we will carry out on Tuesday, in our breakfast;

“The Spaghetti Tower.”

This activity begins with the union of all teams. They are provided with a basic kit with which they will have to build a structure that is self-supporting on the table and has a marshmallow on top. Participants have 20 minutes to do this. When time is up, each of the structures that stand on their own is measured. The tallest tower that holds its marshmallow at the top wins.

METERIALS: 20 Spaghetti, 1 m of maskintape, 1 m of string and 1 marshmallow.

With this activity we are looking for all groups to improve their teamwork and leadership. It is also a good instance to demonstrate manual skills and time planning within each group.

  • We agree on the food we will offer for breakfast: coffee, tea, milk, bread, Chilean sweets, etc.

    Group #3 Invitation Breakfast 
  • Prepare the presentation with our new tools and new findings.

In Coni’s class, the students presented their Mockups: They are quick prototypes, made with materials that are handmade and low cost. At least 10 Mockups must be built for the final prototype to be successful.

At the end of the class, Coni accompanied us to the dome to help us formulate our opportunity.


This week, I was able to contribute with the materials to do the Reverse Engineering, but I could not attend the class because I had a presentation at Duoc UC. Also, I had to work in the workshop sanding a wooden toy bus that I also have to present this week. I’ve slept very little these days, but it doesn’t matter, it’ll all be worth it.

On Thursday, we presented the progress to our counterpart. We still need to clarify our solution and we need to better choose our segment of older adults to whom our solution will be focused, among other things that the counterpart told us. There is much room for improvement, but we are on the right track!


We enjoyed an entertaining afternoon with all the participants of LAPASSION, students, teachers, collaborators, etc. We shared some pizzas and lots and lots and lots of laughter. Apparently, it’s not all work.


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