#7 Week (Leví Martins)

May 14th 2018


  • Dome:
          Activities done:

    • In this morning we defined what each one of us were going to do for the next grand deliverable;


  • PUC:
        Activities done:

    • We watched the presentation of Constanza students about Reverse Engineering;


  • Dome:
          Activities done:

    • After Constanza class’ we did the Requirements Documents with the functionalities of the web platform we were thinking in developing;
    • We did sketches of the web platform;
    • We wrote a user guide;
    • We designed the template  with questions for the toolkit 1;
    • And we thought about the navigation map;

May 15th 2018

  • DDF:
    Activities done:

    • Breakfast (socializing);
    • Mockups: class about what mockups are and how to do;
    • Storyboard: class about creating experiences not only a product or service;
    • Feedback session: Critiques about our solution;

Example of creating a experience:


  • Dome:
          Activities done:

    • Improving solution based on feedback received earlier;
    • Defining activities and splitting them;

May 16th 2018

  • Dome:
         Activities done:

    • Mockups;
    • Reformulating the solution;
    • Slides;
    • Tests with mockups;
    • Insights from data collected during tests;
    • Web platform mockup;
    • Tests with mockups;

May 17th 2018

  • Dome:
          Activities done:

    • Presentations day.


Main details of our slides presented:

  • Challenge:
  • Opportunity: 
    Take advantage of the experience of the elders to re-wire them in the contemporary society, by using a collective and participatory practices of technology teaching
  • Solution:
    Creating low-tech toolkits integrated with collaborative labs and a digital platform to promote technological inclusion of the elders and to provide data of the elders’s experiences to third parties.



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