#5 Week (Ana Oliveira)

Caja Los Andes (2/May/2018)

This week, due to the 1st of May holyday, was shorter in terms of work.

On Wednesday, Me, Jesus, Natalia and Luciano went to Caja Los Andes to do some workshops with Legos with the seniors. The workshops consisted in three activities, building something with and without instructions and build something as a team.

With those workshops, we observed that the seniors work better when sharing the knowledge with another person.


After the workshops, we had a meeting in Domo to work on our opportunity and to do review our data analysis.


Duoc DDF San Joaquin (3/May/2018)

On Wednesday morning we meet in the domo to finish our presentation.

In the afternoon we had our presentation, and in the end, we got a lot of feedback. Most of it was about our opportunity and how we should reformulate it.


Fundación Las Rosas (4/May/2018)

Me, Paola, Levi and Luciano went to Fundación las Rosas to do the workshop with Legos. This time, the group of persons was very different than the persons of Caja Los Andes since most of them didn’t like Legos or found it difficult to build things.



It was a very interesting week!

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