#7 Week (Paola Cortez)

Our solution, after feedback with the counterpart, underwent several modifications:

Creating low-tech toolkits integrated with collaborative labs and a digital platform to promote technological inclusion of the elders and to provide data of the elders’s experiences to third parties.

We are now focusing on a toolkit for older adults in conjunction with a platform where older adults can share their experiences with this product. For this we must research references such as the FabLabs.

By Monday afternoon, we already had an idea for our Mockup; a cardboard hand that moves in conjunction with those of the hand. The presentation will explain better how it came to this.

The next day we brought the materials to assemble our Mockup; cardboard, cutter, string, glue, etc. We also tested it with our partners in the dome, they were able to interact with the hand and we discovered some things we need to improve.

Finally, all the members of the team were good with this ToolKit and Jose Tomás began to digitally draw the template of the arm and then cut it on the laser cutting machine.


The day we cut the cardboard hand, we went to interview an older adult to see how she related to this ToolKit.

With this activity, we ended the week full of deliveries at Duoc UC.


Keywords of the week:

Presentation, Testing, Interviews, Workshop, Sanding, Training, Feedback, Pasting, Testing, Assembly, Teamwork, Tiredness.

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