#7 Week (Team Post)

May 14th, 2018:

  • PUC:
    • During Constanza’s class, we watched our classmates’ presentations about the reverse engineering.
    • Constanza did a feedback session about the first pitch presentation, calling attention to the spealling of the english.
  • DOMO (Morning and Afternoon):
    • Week schedule.
    • Discussion about counterpart’s feedback.
    • Reformulation of the new solution.
    • Searching about Fablab.
    • Website protocol – for a better understanding and design.
    • Sketch of the 1st mokup.

Domo 1

May 15th, 2018:

  • DDF Lab:
    • During the first part of the morning, we had a breakfast made by Group 4, where they showed us their solutions and made an activity so we could help them with the final solution.
    • After the breakfast, we had a quick class with Andrea about prototyping, where she showed us some tool that could be used in the development of the mokups.
    • We also had a session with Andrea, to have a little conversation about the counterparts feedback and to receive help in the final solution creation.


  • DOMO (Afternoon):
    • Discussion about Andrea’s feedback.
    • Reformulation of the solution.
    • Searching about Living Lab – new concept introduced by Andrea.
    • Development of the platform .
    • Creation of the 2nd mokup – the “robotic hand”.
    • Sketch of the 3rd mokup.
    • Beggining of the protocols and forms for the testing of the mokups.


May 16th, 2018:

  • PUC:
    • During Constanza’s class we watched our classmates’ presentations about the Mokups and Tests.
    • Andrea, Laura and Alejandra watched the presentations to take it as a reference for our grand deliverable on thursday.
    • When the presentations were finished, we all went to the domo to work on our projects.
  • DOMO (Morning and Afternoon):
    • Protocols and forms for the testing finished.
    • 2nd mokup was finished and tested.
    • Work on the 3rd mokup – the cardboard was cutted on the laser cutter.
    • The platform was finished and tested.
    • Sketch of the presentation was finished.

Cardboard impression

  • JESUS HOUSE (Night):
    • Test of the 2nd mokup – the robotic hand.

Test of hand.jpg

May 18th, 2018:

  • DOMO (Morning and afternoon):
    • During the morning, we finished the presentation and practice it.
    • In the afternoon, the presentation was done.
    • After the presentation, we received some feedbacks and critiques about our solution. Following you can find a little of what was presented.
  • Main Opportunity:

“Take advantage of the experience of the elders to re-wire them in the contemporary society, by using a collective and participatory practices of technology teaching”

  • Solution:

“Creating low-tech toolkits integrated with collaborative labs and a digital platform to promote technological inclusion of the elders and to provide data of the elders’s experiences to third parties.”


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