#7 Week (Natália Martins)

On Monday – May 14th – we had a meeting at DOMO during the morning to organize the week and discuss the feedback of our counterpart. That day, we also reformulate our solution, in way to satisfy the expectations of our counterpart. In the afternoon, we went to Coni’s class and saw our classmates presentations about the reverse engineering done during the week 6. Constanza also gave us some feedbacks about our pitch presentation, mostly about the english spealling.

After that, we went to the DOMO again to work on out website protocol and search more about FabLabs. Also, we worked in the sketch of our 1st mokup, the platform.

On Tuesday – May 15th – we had a breakfast at DDF Lab provided by group 4, the ByeDisasters. After the class, we had a quick class with Andrea about prototyping and also a coach session to show our new solution design. She gave us some ideas and possible directions, so we could follow in our researches.

During the afternoon, we went to the DOMO to work on our solution – as we had a lot of feedbacks from Andrea. Also, we finish our 1st mokup and start to work on the 2nd – that was a “robotic hand’ made with cardboards. We also did some researched about Living Labs, that was a concept that fits much better in our ideas and started to work on the protocols and forms that would be used during our mokups’ tests.


On Wednesday – May 16th – we had a meeting at DOMO during the morning to finish the protocols and forms and to end the 2nd mokup. During the afternoon, we went to Coni’s class, where we watched our classmates’ presentations about Mokups and Tests. It was a really interesting class, because we could use it as a reference for the presentation that we were preparing for the next day.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-20 at 19.29.12

After the class, we went to the DOMO again to start some tests with our collegues and also finish the sketch of the presentation. During the night, at home, we still worked on the presentation, in way to finish it and post in the Grand Deliverable 5 folder.

On Thursday – May 17th – we all meet at the DOMO again to practice the presentation. Me and Levi were the choosens to present, so we spent all the morning practicing it. During the afternoon, we present our Mokups and Tests results for Catalina, Andrea and Pablo, and the feedback session after it was really great, as we could see where we should focus more and what should be ignored this time.


It was a really good week full of work, but in the end, we had really good results!

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