#6 Week (Ana Oliveira)

PUC San Joaquin (7/May/2018)

On Monday, our team had a meeting in Domo to work on the solutions of our project.

After this meeting, some of us went to a workshop about robotics, within the week of entrepreneurship.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-22 at 06.10.25 (1)

In the afternoon we went to Connie’s class, were the students present us their mockups.

We meet again in Domo, after the class, to have a coach session with Connie. She gave us some feedback about our solutions and helped us to reformulate them.


DDF Lab at DUOC (8/May/2018)

In the next day, we did our breakfast in DDF Lab with sandwiches and Chelan sweets. During our breakfast we also did an activity, consisting in build the biggest tower possible with spaghetti, tape and a marshmallow on the top. With this activity, we challenge each team to work together in order to complete the task as fast as possible.

We also had the pleasure to have some coordinators of LaPassion of IPP, Câmara de Comércio Portugal and Universidad de Salamanca with us.

After the activity, we had a meeting with Andrea to receive feedback about our solutions.

In the afternoon, our team meet in domo to work on the solutions and prepare the presentation.



PUC San Joaquin (9/May/2018)

On Wednesday morning, we meet in domo to work in our solutions and do our pitch presentation.

In the afternoon we went to a lab to work in the reverse engineering, and we use a VHS tape and a remote control. Those objects were related to our project in a way that allows us to understand the function of objects well known by seniors.



IF Blanco Recoleta, Aguas Lab Space (10/May/2018)

Thursday was the big day!

During the morning, we worked at home to guarantee that our presentation was prepared.

At 15h all the teams meet in IF Recoleta to prepare the space, the exposition of our solutions and the pitch.

After the pitch, we meet with our counterpart to show her our solutions and her her feedback.  She liked the ideas, but we still have to work on them.



After it, we had the opportunity to talk with all the people, other counterparts and other professors. Sharing our ideas and opinions and having fun at the same time.


PUC San Joaquin (11/May/2018)

On Friday morning, we had a networking lunch with students and entrepreneurs in PUC. It was interesting to see some projects, meet other people and share our knowledge.


WhatsApp Image 2018-05-10 at 19.06.19.jpeg

We are in the meddle of the project now. Time flies here! But we still have lots of work to do.

Lets go team!

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