#8 Week (Leví Martins)

May 22nd 2018

  • DDF:
    Activities done:

    • During the morning we had a breakfast organized by team 5.
    • After the breakfast each team worked in Brainstorming in order to enhance the ideas of the group or find better ideas.
  • Domo:
         Activities done:

    • All the ideas of the Brainstorm were analyzed and categorized in order to make clear for us where we should improve our solution;
    • Then we present the solution to professor Andrea.
    • We received feedback of our classmates and from our professor.

May 23rd 2018

  • Domo:
         Activities done

    • Prototyping;


May 24th 2018

  • Casa Los Andes:
          Activities done

    • To define the content of the book we are developing and to define what book we should build for the Demoday we need data. So, we went to Casa Los Andes to raise data in order to make decisions.
  • Domo:
          Activities done:

    • After the interviews in Caja Los Andes we went to the Dome, we analyzed the data, we took the insights from it, and define witch book we should prototype.
    • We also define the content of each book, associated with a health goal to be introduced in the book.
    • The Book we will develop is the following:
      1. Title: What’s an app?

          Subtitle: How to use a communication app


      1 – Introduction

      2 – To how download and install.

      3 – How to open the app.

      4 – How to select contacts.

      5 – Tech how write, send audios and photos.

      6 – Make calls and video calls.

      1 – Introduction (Already defined)

      2 – To how download and install:

      2.1 – Show how to find an app;

      2.2-  Show how to download;

      2.3-  Show how to install;
      3 – How to open the app:

      3.1 – Understanding the screen;

      3.2 – Understanding Icons;
      4 – How to select contacts:

      4.1 – Look for contacts;

      4.2 – Selecting it;
      5 – Tech how write, send audios and photos:

      5.1 – Writing text;

      5.2 – Recording audios;

      5.3 – Sending photo;
      6 – Make calls and video calls:

      6.1 –  Make audio call;

      6.2 – Make video call;
      8 – Be connected:

      8.1 – Show benefits of being connected;

      Goal:How to use a communication app?   Health Info: Benefits of being connected.

May 25th 2018

  • DuoC San Joaquin:
          Activities done:

    • On this friday we had class about Storyboard.

May 27th 2018

  • Jesus’ House:
          Activities done:

    • Sketches of the pages of the book;
    • Defining poster content.

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