#8 Week (Luciano)

In this week we start making the mockups and the prototype of the collections of books…

   May, Tuesday 22th, 2018

  • Duoc UC San Joaquin (DDF):
    • In the morning, we had a breakfast made by Group 5.

    • After that, we had a “brainstorm” activitie to evaluate and improve our solutions.

      • Firstly,  we did the brainstorm alone, trying to answer the following question: “How can we tech teachnology?”
      • Secondly, all the groups pass in the others boards to analyse and put some ideas in the board, to help others teams.


      • Then at the afternoon… in the DOMO we sketch the 3 possible solutions developed with the brainstorm ideas and other insights.

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-01 at 19.57.03.jpeg1st Sketch

May Wednesday 23th, 2018:
  • Pontificia Universidad Catolica:
    • Workshop 3D printing.
    • Insights about  “how to create a presentation” and “how present”.
      • “How create a good storytelling”.
    • Activities during the day…
    • DOMO (Morning and Afternoon):
    • Meeting at DOMO during the morning.
    • Finish the last details and definitions for the quick talk with Catalina.
    • At 12, Catalina and Andrea talk with us to see how was our solution and the details of it.
    • Interview form to apply on Caja Los Andes.
  • Coni conversation.jpg
    • In the afternoon, we shown to Constanza our solution and ask her for some help in the definition of our opportunitty, that now is the following:
Take advantage of the interest of the elderly to re-wire them in the society
    using (analog) participatory practices for learning technologies.




May Thuersday 24th, 2018:


  • Caja Los Andes (Morning):
  •  IMG_3886
    • IMG_3903.JPG
    • 6 interviews.
    • We validated and improve the insights that we had for the toolbooks.
      • We saw that the elders want to learn everything that they don’t know about a smatphone, for example, as using whatsapp, facebook, download apps and etc.


  • DOMO:
    • Working in the design of our solution.
    • “How to improve and ways to make the solution”
    • Definition of the last details about the solution.
    • Worked on the design.



May Friday 25th, 2018:
  • Duoc UC Design Factory: 
    • Workshop  Storyboard:
    • Storyboard


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