#8 Week (Paola Cortez)

My week with LAPASSION, started on Wednesday (Monday Holiday and Tuesday Delivery at Duoc UC, subject Entrepreneurship: SWOT + Marketing Mix + Model Journey Map + Prototype = I did not reach LAPASSION).

I arrived at the Dome in the morning just to listen to Andrea and Catalina’s feedback on our possible solution.

My classmates on Tuesday had a very entertaining activity, they brainstormed with the help of all the LAPASSION students, so I understood they all gave ideas to help us solve our opportunity and also my group helped the other groups to have new ideas for their research.

I would have loved to have been in this activity because it’s fun to launch ideas and so we can get out of our main theme a little bit and think about other things, free the mind from our theme.

The point is that our solution will not be a LowTech ToolKit, it will be a ToolBook Box, consisting of 4 interactive books, with the following themes.

  • Book 1: All about basic function of the Smartphone.
  • Book 2: Calls an Text message.
  • Book 3: Internet Navigation.
  • Book 4: How to use an APP.


We divided the tasks into 2 groups:

  • Research Group: Nati, Sofi, Levi and Luciano are in charge of one of the last interviews with older adults. This interview will take place at Casa Caja los Andes and will aim to learn about the issues that older adults want to learn about technologies.
  • Design Group: Paola, Jesús and Jose are in charge of looking for references about interactive books, books with Pop Ups, colors, typographies and iconography that please and attract the attention of the elderly.

During the weekend all the members of the Design Group got together to choose and manufacture the mechanisms that we will use in the book in order to explain in a striking, easy, graphic and analogous way the functions of the smartphones.

Día de trabajo, Grupo Diseño.

At the end of the week I can say that the ToolBook Box solution is my favorite solution compared to the other solutions we have devised. It’s an innovative proposal and close to the elderly, It’s really a tool for them to approach and understand the language that comes with these technologies. It’s a traditional product that covers modern and new topics in a practical and simple way.

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