#7 Week (Ana Oliveira)

PUC San Joaquin (14/May/2018)

On Monday, our team had a meeting in Domo to work on some aspects of our project. We discuss the feedback given by our counterpart, reformulate our solution and did the sketch of our first mockup.

Domo 1

In the afternoon, we went to Connie’s class and saw the student’s presentations about reverse engineering.

After the class, we meet again in Domo to have a coach session with Connie.


DDF Lab at DUOC (15/May/2018)

On Tuesday, we had our breakfast in DDF Lab provided by group 4. During this breakfast, the team showed us their solution and made an activity consisting in dividing us by teams and each team had to answer some questions about natural disasters.

After the activity, we had a class with Andrea, where she showed us how we could develop our mockups. She also gave us some feedback about our solution and helped us reformulating it.

In the afternoon, our team meet in domo to work on the solution, discuss Andrea’s feedback and create the other mockups.


PUC San Joaquin (16/May/2018)

On Wednesday morning, we meet in domo to work in the mockups and prepare them for testing.

In the afternoon we went to Connie’s class were the students made their presentations about the mockups and tests. After their presentations, we meet again in domo.

In domo, we finished the sketch of our application and did the forms for the tests. After everything ready, we made some tests of the application in domo.

Our mockup of the robotic hand in carboard was tested in jesus house.


In the meanwhile, our robotic hand made by cardboard was printed and also tested.



PUC San Joaquin (17/May/2018)

On Wednesday we meet early in the morning in domo to prepare the presentation and train it.

In the afternoon we present it and received the feedback, so we could improve our solution.


It has been an amazing experience, but with a lot of hard work!


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