#8 Week (Ana Oliveira)

DDF Lab at DUOC (22/May/2018)

Since Monday was a holyday, our week started on Tuesday with a breakfast in DDF Lab provided by group 5.

After this breakfast, we had a brainstorm session with Andrea to generate more ideas about our solutions. In this session, all the groups made the brainstorm for their own solutions and also for the other teams. It was interesting to see that, the better you explain your solution, the easier it is to give ideas.

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-01 at 19.58.24.jpeg

After this session, in the afternoon, our team went to domo to read all the ideas given by the other teams, discuss about all the feedback they gave us and work on the sketch solution.

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-01 at 19.57.03.jpeg


PUC San Joaquin (23/May/2018)

On Wednesday morning, we meet in domo to prototype the toolkit book.

In the afternoon we had a class about 3D Printing with Pablo. After this, we had some tips about how to do a good presentation.

Our team meet again in domo to continue working in the prototype of our solution.


Caja Los Andes (24/May/2018)

In the next day we went to Caja Los Andes to do some interviews to validate some insights we had. With those interviews we conclude that the elders have curiosity to learn more about some functionalities and applications of smartphones.

(foto caja los andes)

All the information collected help us to create our final product.

In the afternoon, we meet in the domo to study the data collected in the interviews and then work in the design of our product: the interactive book to be used by the seniors to learn about “what is an app?”.


PUC San Joaquin (25/May/2018)

On Friday some of us went to a class about storyboard. In this class we had some tips about how to do a good storyboard.



Jesus’ house (27/May/2018)

On Sunday, me, Levi and Jesus meet in his house to work on the design of our book and the toolbox. We also define the content of each page and the content of the poster to be presented next week.



It was another great week!

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