#5 Week (Jose tomas Marchant)

Another week in the dust (Me dancing in the domo)

Otra semana de buena energia, amor y TRABAJO.

Bueno, ya hicimos workshops, Ahora hay que trabajar en sus resultados.

Que aprendimos de ellos? Aprendimos que lo que queriamos hacer no iba tan bien como creiamos, Lo que creiamos que pasaba no pasaba y lo que no tenia que pasar pasaba. Jajaja. Me cae bien mi grupo.

Planteamos hacer otros workshops para probar nuestras nuevas postulaciones.

Lo hicimos, No pude ir.

Pd: Vi el partido de el bayer en clases.



Another week in the dust (Me dancing in the dome)

Another week of good energy, love and WORK.

Well, we already did workshops, now we have to work on their results.

What did we learn from them? We learned that what we wanted to do was not going as well as we thought. What we thought happened did not happen and what did not have to happen happened. Hahaha. I like my group.

We plan to do other workshops to test our new applications.

We did it, I could not go.

PS: I saw the match of the bayer in classes.



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