#8 Week (Natália Martins)

On this week we had a holiday on Monday, so our job started at Tuesday – May 22th. On this day, we had a breakfast prepared by the group 5 and after it, we had a brainstorm session to get insights for our solution. As we already had a solution, we focused our brainstorm in the search of contents for our book using the following question: “How we could teach technology?”.

After the session, we had walked into our classmates’ boards to give them some ideas also, and this was really great, as we could get insights of people that are not working with the same challenge that we are.

When the class was over, we went to the DOMO to analyze the data got from the brainstorm. This process was done by the categorization of the information that shown up, and after with the definition of three questions, to see which information fitted with it. In the end of the day, we had presented to Andrea our insights and the sketch of the solution. It was a really good activity because we could get feedbacks from our colleagues and help them to build their solutions.

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-01 at 19.57.40

On Wednesday – May 23th – we had a meeting at the DOMO during the morning, to finish the last details about the conversation with Catalina and Andrea. In this conversation, we shown them the sketch of our solution and also the definitions of opportunity, pro and cons, solution and requirements. During the afternoon, we had a class with Coni, where Pablo and Leo gave us a quick workshop about the 3D printing. After it, Coni gave us a quick class about how to create a storytelling and a good presentation – the same one that we had in our first class with her. I really loved the class and to re-see it, since it is something that we can use no matter the area that we will work.

After the class, we went back to the DOMO to finish our sketch and to do the interview protocol and form for the interviews that would be done on Thursday. Also, we had a quick conversation with Constanza about our solution and the best way to rephrase it.

Coni conversation

On Thursday – May 24th – we did some interviews at Caja Los Andes during the morning, to get new information for our solution and validate the insights that we had. It was a great morning, where we could see what the elders want to learn about technology and why they want it. We also saw that they have interest in learn those things that they didn’t know, even the things that are not that basic in a smartphone, for example.

In the afternoon, we went to the DOMO to analyze the information that we got during the morning and to finish the sketch of our solution. We also started to work on the design of the books, since in that moment we had all the definitions done.

This was a week full of work and with a lot of process, which made me really proud of the work that we have done until now.


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