#9 Week (Natália Martins)

On Monday – May 28th – we had a meeting at the DOMO to work on the last definitions of the content of the book. During the afternoon, we went to Constanza’s class, where we watched our classmates’ presentations about the prototypes. In the end of the presentations, each team shown us their prototypes and how it should work. After it, we went back to the DOMO to keep working on the definitions and also to define the content of our poster. We also helped the designers in the creation process of the book content, in way to have it done for Thursday.

On Thursday – May 29th – we had the breakfast of Team 6 at DDF, where they did a great activity in way to raise some new ideas for their application. After it, I went to the DOMO to work on the sketch of the presentation. This day the design of the content was finished, and we started the real development of our interactive book, putting everything in the designed place.


On Wednesday – May 30th – we had a meeting at the DOMO during the morning to work on the book construction. We spent all the morning working on it and in the afternoon,  we went to Coni’s class – that was kind of a goodbye class ☹. It was really sad say goodbye to Constanza’s class, because we learned a lot with her and her dilab students. After it, we all went to the domo to keep working on our projects, and the TA’s – Pablo and Leo – asked us to record a video talking about our experience participating of the dilab course – which was amazing, by the way!

In the middle of the afternoon, we went to a studio of photography at UC Lo Contador to take some pictures of our book. Jesus’ father went with us, so we could see the interaction between the elder with our solution, which was incredible.


On Tuesday – May 31 – we had our Final Deliverable, where we presented our pitch to all the Lapassion teachers. I think I can say that this was the most incredible presentation till now, since we could receive more feedbacks from different points of views. Also, it was really awesome see the reaction of the teachers when they saw our first interactive book.

For now, I think I can say that this was the best week until now. See the result of all this weeks of work and research made me very proud of our team and our work.


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