#9 Week (Paola Cortez)

This is a really important week. Things will happen that I’ve been waiting for for a long time.

We start with the definition of the book design. With Jose Tomás we divided the pages of the book to begin to reproduce it. While Sofi, Nati, Jesus, Levi and Luciano are developing the Pitch, the presentation and the Poster.

In Coni’s class, DILAB students presented their functional prototypes. I’m amazed at everything you’ve done in such a short time. They have very good ideas.

When we finished designing the book, I went to print it and started putting together the first pages. I’m so excited, the ToolBook is taking shape more and more. It’s getting really nice and entertaining. Although I cut a few pages wrong and my hysteria and nervousness appeared, Jose was able to remedy it and get the ToolBook off the ground.


Páginas del libro recién impresas.

On Wednesday, my classmates attended a photo session, coordinated by Jesús at the Lo Contador campus of the PUC. There they took pictures of an older adult volunteer using the book. These photographs will be very important for the final presentation.

Photo session on the use of the Toolbook.

Once the photo session is over, we are now in the home stretch to put together our entire collection of interactive books.

The day of the final presentation at the Dome was chaos. In the morning I had to run to an interview at my son’s school. Then I went to print the poster as quickly as possible, I was quick to the Dome where I had to meet Jose to finish the last details of the book.

In the moments leading up to the presentation you feel the nervousness inside the dome. All the students are working on the final details of their presentations.

Moment prior to the presentation.

The presentation was perfect, Jesus tells a very entertaining and emotional story. I really like your style of presentation.

Feedback on the final presentation.

I had the feeling that all the criticism of our project was good. We need to arrange some graphic themes for the presentation. The prototype of the ToolBook was a success and the Poster needs to be reformulated because it’s our weakest point.

It is a relief to present and to know that all the effort and sacrifice of my colleagues has been worthwhile. I want to highlight the great team I was assigned to. I’m very fortunate to be part of this team, from which I have learned many things.

Now I have to go very fast to take the bus, because the moment I’ve been waiting for since last year has arrived, to travel to Concepción to represent Duoc UC San Carlos of Apoquindo in swimming, I hope my swim team does very well.

Time before swimming.

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