#9 Week (Ana Oliveira)

PUC San Joaquin (28/May/2018)

On Monday morning, we meet in domo to work on the prototype, the poster and the presentation.

In the afternoon we went to Connie’s class where we saw the students’ presentations about the preliminary prototypes.


DDF Lab at DUOC (29/May/2018)

The next day we had a breakfast in DDF Lab provided by team 6. In this breakfast, the team did an activity where everyone, gathered in random groups, had to sketch a platform to be used by the elders.




After this activity we had some feedback from Andrea about our final product.


PUC San Joaquin (30/May/2018)

On Wednesday morning, we finished the design of the book.

In domo, Me, Natalia and Levi did a little interview about the experience we had here, what we learned in the Dilab class and the things we liked the most.

After this interview, our team went to a studio of photography at UC Lo Contador to test the book with Jesus’ father and take some good pictures.



PUC San Joaquin (31/May/2018)

Thursday was the day of our final presentation before the BIG PRESENTATION! We went to the Domo in the morning to train it and in the afternoon, we presented our pitch, poster and the interactive book.

At the end we received some feedback, so we could improve everything to be perfect in the demo day.

In my opinion, all the feedback was really important, and the critics were good. In general, they liked our pitch and our interactive book.



Personally, I really like our book and I think we made a good job as a team.

Sadly it’s almost over, but I’m so excited for the final presentation and to see the reaction of all the people.

But, it’s not over yet! Lets go to the final week!

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