Week # 9

sesion toolkit-34.jpg


Monday, May 28th 


At the morning we meeting in the DOMO to work on the last step to do the book.

After that in the afternoon, we went to Dilab, Coni’s class, where we watched the presentations and prototypes our classmates’.

Then, we went back to the DOMO to work in the book and to make the content of our Poster.


Thursday, May 29th 

The Team 6 organized the breakfast  at DuocUC-DDF.

They did a activity in way to raise some ideas for their solution.

After the breakfast we talked whit Andre about our solution.




Wednesday, May 30th


We meeting at the morning in the domo to work on the book (built it).

After that we had the last Coni’s class at Dilab PUC .

Then, at the afternoon, we went to a studio of photography to take some pictures of our book.

sesion toolkit-9.jpg


Tuesday, May 31 

We had our last GD in the DOMO, we presented our pitch to all the Lapassion teachers.

Was the best presentation of out group until now, after the presentation we  receive more feedbacks of out teachers, great tips to improve our presentation and the pich.

Im very proud about our work and product.

This weel was the best till now!!




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