#10 Week (Paola Cortez)

Finally the last week of LAPASSION arrived! I can’t believe how fast the project went!

We started the week by adjusting the final details of the prototype and then printing the new book with the corrections. We take advantage of printing it on better quality paper, which makes the assembly process easier.

The presentation is ready. My teammates prepared and improved it after last week’s corrections. The poster was completely redesigned over the weekend and only a few details need to be corrected.

On Wednesday Jose Tomás and I met to finish the book. With this last action we finish with the requirements for the presentation.

On the day of the presentation everyone looked very beautiful and nervous.

At the moment of the presentation everything went as we had hoped, Jesus did an excellent job describing the presentation of our project. It was a relief when Jesus presented Team 3 as the final words for the closing of the presentation.

I’m very grateful to the LAPASSION team; the criticism, corrections and praise received from them were fundamental to conclude our investigation correctly.

35156893_10215279837284962_7951995866800193536_n (1)

I want to thank my team for the patience they showed me, for the confidence to delegate tasks to me even though I couldn’t participate in all the group activities and for always having arms open and explaining everything to me every time I was disconnected from the progress.

To Nati for having all the willingness and patience of the world to understand my Spanish and for making me laugh with her funny comments on Whatsapp. From you I learned about personal organization and punctuality. You were always one of the first in the Dome!

To Sofi for consoling me when I lost control by making a mistake when cutting a part of the prototype, for being always available to teach me how to use WordPress and for being so sweet and kind.

To Levi for reminding me to do the Time-Sheets, for teaching me and correcting my spelling in English, for the patience and time you invested in helping me design various tools and for being so kind, loving and welcoming.

To Luciano for sharing all those meaningless conversations that I really enjoyed, for telling me about his life in Uruguay and for welcoming me when I arrived unplugged.

To Jesus for having the patience to explain each of the mind maps he designed, for answering my questions, for correcting my work, for being kind, loving and gentle with us.

To Jose for bringing the quota of madness into the team, for saving me from madness when I made a mistake in assembling the prototype, for accompanying me to testing, for taking me into his home to work on the prototypes, for all the moments of extreme laughter and for the deep and incoherent conversations.

I was lucky to be part of a real team. Thanks to them, I learned many tools both professionally and personally. I noticed several shortcomings in my practices that I need to pay more attention to in order to improve.

At this point I say to myself, “Why didn’t I participate more? I could have done more!”

The truth is that I gave everything I could, I tried to help my group in everything I could. I would have loved to dedicate myself 100% to participating in all the activities that the LAPASSION team had planned for us, there were very interesting workshops, from robotics to how to design a poster.

At this moment I look back and feel homesick as I remember all the things that happened in the Dome. It was a very intense experience.

I reiterate my thanks to the LAPASSION team, to Constanza for their incredible classes and their willingness to help us and answer our questions. To Catalina and Andres for the feedback after each presentation. To Javier for being with us day by day and for helping us to resolve the conflicts that arose from our daily interaction.

I learned a lot from my team and understood a lot about myself. I take this experience with great joy and emotion. Thanks to LAPASSION for this great opportunity.

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