#10 Week (Natália Martins)

On the last week, we did not have a lot of work to do – as most of it was already done during the weekend and the last week. However, on Monday – June 4th – we had a meeting at the DOMO during the afternoon, which the main focus was finish the work on the English book and talk with out teachers that were arriving at the Universidad Catolica.

I had the opportunity to show our Spanish book to the people from my university and had their feedbacks – which were super positives.

On Tuesday – June 5th – we had a free day, and as we did not have much work to do, I use the day to study from my Brazilian university and buy the last things.

On Wednesday – June 6th – we had a meeting at the UC in the afternoon to organize the space where our Demo Day would happen. We help Andrea, Catalina, Laura and Alejandra to organize a little bit the space.

On Tuesday – June 7th – our DEMO DAY happened. It was a really great day where we could show to all the authorities and teachers all of our work during the 10 weeks. Also, after the pitch presentations, we could talk with everyone to explain better our solution and get their feedback, which was really nice and brought us a lot of information that can be used in the next steps.


That was all for the last week of project. It was one of the most light weeks of the project, however this does not mean that it was not one of the most amazing. I went home on Sunday – June 10th – with my heart full of gratitude for everything that Chile – and everyone that participates of the project  (not mentioning the project itself) – taught me and for everything that I lived in this 10 weeks.


Thank you, with all my heart, for this experience and for all the help that you, teachers, provide to us. Also, that you for my team, that was always there for everything. This experience wouldn’t be anything without you guys! I hope to be back soon!


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