#10 Week (Paola Cortez)

Finally the last week of LAPASSION arrived! I can't believe how fast the project went! We started the week by adjusting the final details of the prototype and then printing the new book with the corrections. We take advantage of printing it on better quality paper, which makes the assembly process easier. The presentation is... Continue Reading →

#9 Week (Paola Cortez)

This is a really important week. Things will happen that I've been waiting for for a long time. We start with the definition of the book design. With Jose Tomás we divided the pages of the book to begin to reproduce it. While Sofi, Nati, Jesus, Levi and Luciano are developing the Pitch, the presentation... Continue Reading →

#8 Week (Paola Cortez)

My week with LAPASSION, started on Wednesday (Monday Holiday and Tuesday Delivery at Duoc UC, subject Entrepreneurship: SWOT + Marketing Mix + Model Journey Map + Prototype = I did not reach LAPASSION). I arrived at the Dome in the morning just to listen to Andrea and Catalina's feedback on our possible solution. My classmates... Continue Reading →

#7 Week (Paola Cortez)

Our solution, after feedback with the counterpart, underwent several modifications: “Creating low-tech toolkits integrated with collaborative labs and a digital platform to promote technological inclusion of the elders and to provide data of the elders’s experiences to third parties.” We are now focusing on a toolkit for older adults in conjunction with a platform where... Continue Reading →

#6 Week (Paola Cortez)

As usual, our group met at 9 am in the dome to plan the group's pending tasks and to divide and move forward better with our activities. We define new "Personas" who are linked to our main "Personas". They are our "Mediators":     We plan and define the activities that we will carry out... Continue Reading →

#5 Week (Paola Cortez)

This week was extremely short, 2 days of work to define tools and prepare for Thursday's presentation. We started by defining "People", thanks to the analysis of the fieldwork and the MIM Workshop. This tool will help us to visualize the profiles of the people involved in our research.     My colleagues' idea of... Continue Reading →

#4 Week (Paola Cortez)

We started with an activity that helps us to formulate an "Elevator Pitch", based on a project that is being developed in India, which aims to reduce the amount of discarded plastic cutlery. In the dome we delegated tasks, defined new interview dates. We organize 2 workshops for older adults: 1.- Workshop Logos: The objective... Continue Reading →

#3 Week (Paola Cortez)

We start the week with a group meeting, we organize the activities for the week. My colleagues organized the mind maps, we began to define the presentation. In the afternoon, we attended a lunch organized by the Dilab, where we got feedback from Professor Constanza, guiding us through the following stages. Then, in the Constanza's... Continue Reading →

#2 Week (Paola Cortez)

This week begins with Constanza's class. He explained what we should do with the data obtained in the field work such as the interactions of the subject observed, the agents involved, the critical moments; once these data have been obtained, we should analyze them and construct The Archetypes (Person) and their scenarios, Journey Map and... Continue Reading →

# 1 Week (Paola Cortez)

I'm Paola Cortez, Industrial Design student at Duoc UC In the first week of the project, we began with the formation of the teams and the designation of each challenge and sub-challenge. Challenge: "Improving conditions for aging populations" Sub-Challenge: "Using technology to optimize longevity" This was the first time I met my teammates. Later we visited... Continue Reading →

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