#9 Week (Levi Martins)

May 28th 2018 Dome:      Activities done: Defined the content of the book. Last adjustments. PUC:      Activities done: Attended Constanza’s class; Watched Dilab students' presenting their prototypes. Dome:      Activities done: Defined the content of the book. Last adjustments. Defined poster content. May 29th 2018 DDF:      Activities done: Attended Team... Continue Reading →

#8 Week (Leví Martins)

May 22nd 2018 DDF: Activities done: During the morning we had a breakfast organized by team 5. After the breakfast each team worked in Brainstorming in order to enhance the ideas of the group or find better ideas. Domo:      Activities done: All the ideas of the Brainstorm were analyzed and categorized in order... Continue Reading →

#8 Week (Luciano)

In this week we start making the mockups and the prototype of the collections of books...    May, Tuesday 22th, 2018 Duoc UC San Joaquin (DDF): In the morning, we had a breakfast made by Group 5. After that, we had a "brainstorm" activitie to evaluate and improve our solutions. Firstly,  we did the brainstorm... Continue Reading →

#7 Week (Luciano)

  May 14th, 2018:  Pontificia Universidad Catolica We watched the presentations in Coni´s class about the reverse engineering. Coni did a feedback session about the first pitch presentation. DOMO (Morning and Afternoon): Week schedule. Discussion about counterpart’s feedback. Reformulation of the new solution. Searching about Fablab. Website protocol – for a better understanding and design.... Continue Reading →

#7 Week (Leví Martins)

May 14th 2018   Dome:       Activities done: In this morning we defined what each one of us were going to do for the next grand deliverable;   PUC:     Activities done: We watched the presentation of Constanza students about Reverse Engineering;   Dome:       Activities done: After Constanza class'... Continue Reading →

#5 Week (Levi)

This week we had a few days without classes because of the holidays. Despite the holiday we managed to work for the grand deliverable that was presented on Thursday. We had to do the data analysis of the new gathered data. Also we read more papers this time focused on the main opportunity.  Workshops with... Continue Reading →

#5 Week (Luciano)

  May 2th, 2018 This week we focused on the Grand Deliverable 2. We kept up with the literature review. And started working on analysis of the focused research field. In addition we define a few personas.   May 3th, 2018 DuoC DDF San Joaquin:  We had all the morning to finish the last details of... Continue Reading →

#4 Week (Natália Martins)

This week started with a meeting on Monday - April 23th - morning to review our data analysis and to define the next steps that should be done for the project. We design the schedule for the week and we've started to work on the new interview forms that should be used in the workshops... Continue Reading →

#4 Week (Ana Oliveira)

PUC San Joaquin (23/April/2018) On the first day of this week, on PUC, we started by a class with Pablo and Leo about how to make an elevator speech, using some key topics like Hook, Needs, Approach, Benefits, Competition and Close. We will be able to use this information to make the elevator speech about... Continue Reading →

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