#4 Week (Luciano)

PUC San Joaquin April 23th,  2018 We had a class by the T.A Pablo and Leo about how to make an elevator speech. We started by watching a video about edible cutlery and at the end we answer some questions. The idea was to understand how we can do a proper speech about our project... Continue Reading →

#3 Week (Natália Martins)

The 3th week started with a meeting at the DOMO to review everything that should be done during the week - we review our project and saw which were the thing that were missing for the Grand Deliverable. After that, we went to Constanza's class where we watched our classmates' presentations about the focused field... Continue Reading →

#3 Week (Ana Oliveira)

The third week of this project started with a meeting on domo to review our project. After that, we had Connie’s class where we saw some presentations of the students. In their presentations, the students talked about the personas created, the different scenarios and their opportunity. On Tuesday, we had a brainfast made by group... Continue Reading →

#3 Week (Levi Martins)

#16 De Abril de 2018 Dilab - PUC San Joaquim During the Dilab classes groups presented the D5 phase of their projects. The D5 consisted of the Focused research field done by each group. Sketch class: The students were oriented on how to sketch their possible solutions (Figure 1 and Figure 2).   #17 De Abril de... Continue Reading →

#2 Week (Ana Oliveira)

This second week of LAPASSION project, started on Monday with a group meeting to discuss some ideas about our project. After this meeting, we went to Constanza Miranda’s class in PUC, where the students presented their project’s progress. It was interesting to understand the concept of reverse engineering and see their possible solutions. We also... Continue Reading →

#2 Week (Natália Martins)

This week started with a group meeting on Monday - April 9th - at Dome, where we could talk about the searched topics (during the last week) and discuss some ideas that could be aborded in the counterpart meeting. After the meeting, we went to Constanza's class where we watched some presentations about marginal practices,... Continue Reading →

#2 Week (Levi Martins)

Literature Review This week I did the literature review of works related to the sub-challenge received by this group. In the literature review we adopted text coding, a methodology presented in one the classes at PUC San Joaquin. This helped us to organize in clusters the text with the subjects showed in figure 1. Up... Continue Reading →

#1 Week (Ana Oliveira)

In this first week of LAPASSION project, we started by a presentation in DUOC UC where we get some useful information about Santiago, the project itself and all the institutions involved. We also get to know our team and our sub-challenge, which is. Finally, we had the opportunity to see all the campus witch I... Continue Reading →

#1 Week (Natália Martins)

During this first week working on the project, I could see that it will be a much more incredible experience than I have imagined - and I could realise it even in the first day meeting all the group that will live this experience with me. In the first day, when we all knew each... Continue Reading →

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