#8 Week (Team Post)

May 22th, 2018: DDF: During the first part of the morning, we had a breakfast made by Group 5. After the breakfast, we had a brainstorm session to think about our solutions. In the first part the group did the brainstorm alone, trying to answer the following question: "How can we tech teachnology?" In the... Continue Reading →

#7 Week (Team Post)

May 14th, 2018: PUC: During Constanza's class, we watched our classmates' presentations about the reverse engineering. Constanza did a feedback session about the first pitch presentation, calling attention to the spealling of the english. DOMO (Morning and Afternoon): Week schedule. Discussion about counterpart's feedback. Reformulation of the new solution. Searching about Fablab. Website protocol -... Continue Reading →

#6 Week (Team Post)

May 07th 2018 PUC: We watched the Mockups presentation. Mockups are a kind of prototype but low cost. Dome (Morning and Afternoon):        Activities done: This day we reformulated our main opportunity; Definition of three new personas; Definition of solutions; Team coaching with professor Constanza. Results: Opportunity reformulated: "Take advantage of experience of... Continue Reading →

#5 Week (Team Post)

#02 de Maio de 2018 Dome: During this week we focused on the Grand Deliverable 2 (GD2). We kept up with the literature review.  And started working on analysis of the focused research field. In addition we define a few personas. #03 de Maio de 2018 DuoC DDF San Joaquin:  We had all the morning to... Continue Reading →

#4 Week (Team Post)

PUC San Joaquin (23/April/2018) On Monday, we had a class lectured by Pablo and Leo about how to make an elevator speech. We started by watching a video about edible cutlery and at the end we answer some questions. The idea was to understand how we can do a proper speech about our project, using... Continue Reading →

#3 Week (Team Post)

PUC San Joaquim (16/Abril/2018) During this class were presented the D5 - Focused research of each group that attend the DILAB classes. Each group had 5 min to do the presentation. The following points were noted during their presentations: Protocols of investigation were presented; Observations: Hours; Places; Description of what was observed. Personas and scenarios... Continue Reading →

#2 Week (Team Post)

Meeting at the Dome (09/Abril/2018) In this morning we worked on building ideas, defining key-words and looking at related work.  We discussed about how would be our approach with the  counterpart ideas and requirements. We also worked on broaden our understanding of what is:  technology, high technology, low technology, etc (see figure 1). In addition Jesus... Continue Reading →

#1 Week (Team Post)

Date: 02/04/2018 Place: Duoc UC San Joaquim In the first day of the LAPASSION project  an introductory  presentation was made by the International Affairs of Duoc. In this presentation students were oriented about Santiago's population, public transport, the institutions involved in the project, security, emergency numbers,  Chilean culture, etc. The student were invited to participate in... Continue Reading →

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